Horse Training


  • Private Horse Training located in Waynesville, NC
  • Private Team Roping Training are one-to-one with your team and horse
  • Semi-Private Lesson are a group price paired with one other rider or private group of 2 or more. Perfect for kids team roping teams
  • Group Training can consist of a group of up to 8 riders
  • The minimum age limit at the stables is 4 years, we offer special classes on
    Monday to Thursday afternoons for private arena lessons

Horse Riding Prices

per person, per hour

Private Lesson / Rides
Adults and Children, Saturday, Sunday
Semi-Private Arena Lessons
Adults, maximum of 3, Monday to Friday
Private Arena Lessons
Adults and Children, Saturday, Sunday
Private Team Roping Lesson
Maximum of 3 people
Group Semi-Private Lesson / Rides
Adults and Children, Monday to Friday
Stable Management Lectures
Monday to Sunday

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